Will Waycross girl walk with living or dead on 'The Walking Dead'?

WAYCROSS, Ga. -- The dead will walk on Sunday and a Waycross girl may be walking among them. First Coast News told you about Kennedy Brice, a local 9-year-old who has a role in the AMC hit series 'The Walking Dead' last year, and in an exclusive interview with FCN, she talks about what it's been like on the set of the show.

Kennedy Brice is 'Molly,' one of the children living at the prison, but in the mid-season finale, Molly and the other children are last seen running in the face of chaos.

"Where we left off with Molly, we were carrying the baby and the last scene we were running and that's all we know about that. We don't know if we made it on the bus or not," said Brice.

Brice is restricted on what she can say about the premiere of the rest of season four on Sunday, but shares what it's been like with some of the most popular characters of the show, even what it was like say goodbye to Scott Wilson's character, 'Hershel' in the last episode.

"He was one of those characters, they do this all the time, that you think 'man he's awesome they're not going to kill him off'' and so it was very very sad but I'm so glad the governor died. The governor was a real nice person in real life but not so much in the show," added Brice.

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She said the prankster on set is Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl.

"He can act sometimes like he doesn't take anything or anybody seriously, but I know he does, and he's just, he's awesome," said Brice.

Brice says she looks up to Andrew Lincoln, an English actor who plays the main character Rick Grimes, who was a police officer in Georgia before the 'walkers' took over. She said she's rarely heard his real accent.

"Rick, I've only heard Andrew Lincoln do it once at the wrap party, (he kind of stays in character the whole time?), he stays in character a lot," revealed Brice.

Brice has kept busy during the off season, she attended a mid-season finale wrap party in Atlanta with the cast members of the show, picked up lessons on the electric guitar, and is extremely excited to star in the supernatural thriller "June" picked up by Raven Banner Entertainment set to film in the spring.

"June is an orphan that has a supernatural being inside of her that she is slightly uncontrollable," said Brice.

The young actress is also finishing up the fourth grade and before turning 10 years old next month, Brice is looking forward to the return of the 'walkers.'

"I am overwhelmed but in a good way."

Many are asking what happens to Judith? The baby's whereabouts were left a mystery in the finale.

"I really hope she's alive because she's so adorable and it would be so horrible for a zombie to eat a baby," said Brice.

And the big questions ... what happens to Molly?

"All the directors said was 'have I killed you yet?' Well there's my answer."

Learn more about Kennedy's upcoming roles.

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