Web extra: Young 'Walking Dead' actress does her own stunts

During Kennedy Brice's exclusive interview with First Coast News, the young actress shares what it was like shooting a short film of the movie "June" set to film in the spring. In the "pitch" film, Brice's character "June" reveals the supernatural being living inside her and levitates off the ground in fury. Brice talks about how she was strapped into a harness and acted out the stunt herself.

Kennedy Brice: "The harness, the harness for June it was the stunt director's, his daughter rock climbs so it was her rock climbing harness and it was really awesome, slightly uncomfortable but really awesome."

First Coast News: Were you scared at all?

KB: "No. I love like heights and stuff like that, and they hung me up by like this fishing rod but it was this thick fishing rod for like marlin fishing or something and so I knew it was going to hold up."

FCN: I know when we see movies, we see those scenes for like a couple of seconds, maybe a minute or two but I mean how long were you actually up there shooting that over and over again?

KB: "Good 12 hours."

FCN: 12 hours back and forth on a harness going up and down?

KB: "No, not for the harness. For the harness we didn't do long at all, that took about 30 minutes."

FCN: But, still 30 minutes up in the air.

KB: "Well, it wasn't 30 minutes up in the air, it was 30 minutes up and down up and down. Still, it was awesome and I wasn't worried about falling because I was three feet off the ground."

FCN: Do you feel like as you get older and do more complicated roles you'd like to do your own stunts someday?

KB: "Yes, I don't do stunt doubles."

FCN: So you want to be able to learn how to do stuff?

KB: "Yea."

FCN: What movie have you seen or what character have you seen in a movie where you thought that has been the super cool stuff that they did all on their own, what would you say?

KB: "Cat woman."

FCN: So you want to do something like Cat woman, like stunts like that?

KB: "That's awesome. Cat woman is my favorite superhero/villain. Nobody knows what she really is."

FCN: And that's kind of like June, you don't really know if she good or bad?

KB: "Right."

FCN: So if you had to choose your favorite actress, your idol, who you aspire to be like ...

KB: "Jennifer Lawrence."

FCN: From The Hunger Games?

KB: "Yes."

FCN: Is that movie what made you like her so much?

KB: "Not just that. I got to meet her and she was just incredibly nice to everybody and she took time of hers to sign autographs and talk to people and she complimented on like our clothes and stuff and she was so nice."


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