Emoji confusion leads to Internet outrage

OK, maybe "outrage" may be a bit too harsh... but a lot of people are quite surprised to learn that a popular emoji of two hands clasped together is meant to be a high-five, not someone praying.

Emoji, which are defined as "a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication," have existed for years on smartphones and even made its way to Oxford Dictionaries Online last year.

The Deseret News recently reported a common misconception is being made of a particular emoji that shows two hands placed firmly against each other with a halo-like radiance surrounding it. Many people are assuming it's meant to show someone praying, but in fact it is designed as two friends who are high-fiving each other.

There are indisputably religious emojis available, as well as some less-than-holy ones such as a hand giving the middle finger.

But on the Internet, the debate over two hands clasped together rages on...


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