'Bachelor' premiere: Sean Lowe meets 26 women

Hunky Sean Lowe is back and lookin' for love.

"A year ago I'mliving a 9-to-5 life, and now here I am, I'm the bachelor!" said thesmiling custom-furniture business owner from Dallas.

And within minutes he was shirtless, doing a workout as the 17th series of ABC's Bachelor franchise kicked off Monday night.

"ForSean, it's a second chance at love," said host Chris Harrison, as clipsshowed Sean getting his heart broken when Emily Maynard rejected himduring the last Bachelorette season.

"It helped me realizeGod still has another plan for me," said Lowe, 29, who went home to lickhis wounds. It didn't last long. He picked himself up and checked intothe Bachelor mansion to begin his quest for love.

But before thebabes showed up, Sean had a visit from Arie Luyendyk, the race cardriver who was also rejected by Emily. The two chatted about the showand the best delivery of the line: "Will you accept this rose?" And Seanasked for pointers on being a great kisser. Arie's advice: "Eyecontact. Come in with the hands .. " and "very little tongue."

Time for the women (and their opening first-impression stunts).

AshLee F., 32, personal organizer from Houston, told him: 'You're very, very handsome."

Jackie,25, cosmetics consultant from Boynton Beach, Fla., put on bright redlipstick and gave him a big kiss on the cheek, putting her "mark" onhim.

Selma, 29, real estate developer from San Diego, plucked a tissue out of her cleavage and wiped off that lipstick mark.

LeslieH., 29, a poker dealer from Los Angeles: "You're a hunk. You're so muchcuter in person. ... Holy Toledo! ... Mr. McSteamy."

Daniella,24, commercial casting associate from San Francisco, showed him aspecial handshake with moves including a fist bump. "We'll work on it,"he said.

Kelly, 28, cruise ship entertainer from Nashville, belted out a song she wrote. "I'm buying that single," said Sean.

Katie, 27, a yoga instructor from Charlotte, had him do a little deep breathing.

Ashley P., 28, a hair stylist from Macomb, Mich., pulled a tie out of her dress, citing Fifty Shades of Grey. "Maybe you can teach me how to use this later," she said with a big smile. Sean looked a little bewildered.

Taryn,30, a health club manager from Troutdale, Ore., caught his eye. "Youare gorgeous," Sean told her. "You're not too bad yourself," shereplied.

Catherine, 26, a graphic designer from Seattle, told him to find her inside "for a dance."

Robyn,24, an oilfield account manager from Houston, did a back flip in herlong gown, then attempted another and fell. "That is definitely going toleave a lasting impression," said Sean, as she laughed and hung herhead in embarrassment.

Lacey, 24, grad student from Valencia,Calif., gave him a heart of lace to remember her by because "a lot ofpeople call me Lace."

Paige, 24, a Jumbotron operator from New York City, told him she was on Bachelor Pad 3.

Tierra,24, a leasing consultant from Denver, showed him she has an open-hearttattoo on her ring finger. "I hope you'll be the guy to complete it,"she said sweetly. Then Sean told her to wait and he walked into themansion. Inside, we saw him telling Chris Harrison he wanted to "bendthe rules a little bit." He wanted to give her a rose right now. "Goahead, man," said Chris. He presented her with a rose right away. "Youhave this sweet, exciting ... such a good energy."

Amanda, 26, amodel from Newport Beach, Calif., wanted to get that "awkward moment"out of the way right away, so the two stood in silence for a fewseconds.

Keriann, 29, an entrepreneur from Boca Raton, Fla., saidshe drove "2,775 miles for a shot with you, so I'm really hoping theadventure continues with us."

Desiree, 26, bridal stylist fromL.A., told him to call her "Des." She brought pennies so they could makea wish in the fountain in front of the mansion.

Sarah, 26,advertising executive from Los Angeles, who was born without part of onearm, drew an immediate "You're beautiful" from Sean.

Brooke, 25, a community organizer from Pittsburgh, was sultry. "See you inside, handsome."

Diana, 31, a salon owner from Salt Lake City, tried to get him to leave with her alone. Didn't work.

LesleyM. 25, a political consultant from Washington, brought a football. Shegot him to bend over to hike it to her and spent some time gazing at hisbuns. "She's funny," he noted after she went into the house.

Kristy, 25, a model from Darien, Wisc., said she was "bringing you the best from the Midwest."

Ashley H., 25, a model from Denver, gave him a big hug.

Lauren,27, a journalist from Cranston, R.I., invited him home to her family'sItalian restaurant, but added, "My dad did want me to send you amessage. If you break my heart, he's going to break your legs." Whoa."I'm kidding," she said.

Lindsay, 24, a substitute teacher fromFort Leonard Wood, Mo., giggled as she exited the limo in a weddingdress. "You may now kiss the bride," she told him. "Whoa," said Sean."Not wasting any time." She explained that she's a "prankster" andwanted to show her "goofy side."

And then, No. 26 arrived. Whaaaat?!

Chris Harrison said, "Somebody called and said she wanted to meet you here tonight."

Surprise! It was Kacie B., 25, from Ben Flajnik's season. "I'm blown away right now," said Sean.

Kacie told him she wanted "to see if there's a possibility of something between us." He said he was "so glad."

Needless to say it caused a lot of buzz in the house. "I don't think it's fair," Desiree said into the cameras.

Next thing we know, Desiree got a rose.

Andthen AshLee F. got a rose, too. Sean was stirring things up by handingthem out when the spirit moved him instead of waiting for the ceremony.

Wedding-dress-girl Lindsay came on too strong and was regretting her decision to "go big." She didn't get a rose right away.

Ashley P., the Fifty Shades fan, started "booty dancing"around with the tie she had brought. She was, as one of her competitorsput it, "obliterated." Kacie B. told cameras she "needs a lot ofwater." Said Sean, "Fifty Shades of Grey may have become 50 shades of drunk tonight."

Taryn sat in a corner and cried because she didn't get to talk to Sean.

Ina candid moment, Sara explained to the cameras that she thinks someguys are intimated by her one arm. "It's easier to date a girl with twoarms," she said. She finally snagged some time with Sean. "I don't wantto be perceived as disabled," she told him, adding, "I don't want you tofeel uncomfortable." Sean assured her he wasn't and gave her a rose."It's validation," she told cameras, beaming. "It's a huge symbol ofempowerment and confidence and love. This is a total dream come true."

Inthe end, the 19 roses went to: Tierra, Desiree, AshLee F., Selma,Robyn, Jackie, Leslie H., Sarah, Brooke, Catherine, Katie, Diana,Amanda, Lesley M., Kacie B., Kristy, Daniella, Taryn andwedding-dress-wearing Lindsay.

Previews included bikini fun,ex-boyfriend drama, an ambulance trip, catfights and Sean with a ring inhis hand looking ready to pop the question.

Be sure to tune into WJXX-ABC 25 Monday nights to see who Sean will give his roses to.


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