2-legged puppy becomes YouTube sensation

VANCOUVER, WA (CNN) -- A puppy in Vancouver, Washington has gained millions of fans because of what he's missing. His day at the beach has made him famous. Despite having only two legs, the boxer had a joyful run on the beach.

In the fall, vets had recently presented Vancouver's Panda Paws Rescue with this choice: either euthanize him or amputate Duncan's deformed back legs that were dragging him down. Duncan's owner Amanda Geise said, "So we decided to give him a chance, and I think we made the right decision."

Five months later, the only thing flying by faster than Duncan's two legs, seems to be his you tube views: more than three million since his owners posted this a week ago.

It's Duncan's first trip to the beach. Geise said, "And he loved it. If we wouldn't have carried him half the time he would have ran the whole time."

On the day we first met him back in October, Duncan was just hours out of his double amputation surgery. Back then Geise who runs Panda Paws Rescue and adopted Duncan for her own family, thought he would eventually use a doggie wheelchair. As you can see, Duncan ditched it. She said, "Since the day he started to move and toddle around and started walking he picked up his back end and carried it, so he doesn't know any different."

As healthy and happy as he looks, Duncan's owners know it might not always be that way. Geise said, "Our family has prepared itself, we may not get an 8-year, 10-year life span with him. But every day we get with him is still a gift, so."

So, Duncan's family sees his life like Duncan is probably living it; in the magical moment.


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