JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- Almost a muggy start to the day, with plenty of moisture in the air, clouds will hang around as we wake up with temperatures near 70.

Temperatures stay steady in the low to mid 70s this afternoon as a few isolated thunderstorms try to work in from the west and southwest. Think from Valdosta to Gainsville will have the best chance to see any precipitation with daylight.

The bulk of the precipitation arrives after dark Sunday, closer towards that midnight hour is when showers turn to some more widespread rain. Expect a wet morning commute on Monday with a few thunderstorms.

Rain turns to scattered showers through lunch, before likely another round closer towards the evening commute. A few thunderstorms are possible as well.

The majority of the precipitation will be focused towards southeast Georgia with this system, so folks north of Duval County likely to see the bulk. Precipitation amounts may be upwards of 1-2 inches, as a result, some minor street flooding may be an issue. Low lying areas may have a tough time draining.

Things move offshore Monday night and we should see some relative clearing on Tuesday and Wednesday with a warm westerly breeze. A weak front may slide in on Thursday, brushing us with a shower or two before heading into the weekend.