ORANGE PARK, Fla. - More than 40 homes in Orange Park were damaged from last night's severe storms. Despite all the damage, Clay County Emergency Management says no one was injured.

On Grove Park Drive, crews packed the street, working alongside JEA in the effort to try to restore power.

"You look out the window and you really couldn't see anything, just the wind swirling and the rain and nothing was visible," said Carol Rutcha, who lives along the street.

Trees fell on homes across the street. Nothing fell on her house, but she says a large tree right outside was struck by lightning.

Barry Warren, who works with American Tree Surgeons, calls this the worst damage since Hurricane Matthew.

John Campbell said he heard a huge snap before one of two trees that fell on his house went through his roof and into his living room.

"I'm just in the process of now I'm homeless and kind of helpless," Campbell said.

Campbell was sitting in this chair watching a rerun of Gunsmoke literally moments before the impact.

"What made me get up and get out of this room, Lord knows that and so somebody was looking out for me," he said.