Weeks after Hurricane Irma damaged hundreds of business along the first coast, some San Marco business owners still dealing with cleanup say they’re prepared for whatever rain the Nor’Ester brings, however, they do have a message they’d like to spread.

Safari Food Store located on the corner of San Marco Boulevard and LaSalle street shut down for three days post-Hurricane Irma. They were lucky said store manager, Haveek.

“When I came today at the light, I saw how the water is high again and the people driving.”Haveek said.

But now that the Nor-Easter has more heavy rainfall in the forecast, Haveek admits he’s worried.

“For me I love the rain so it doesn’t upset me but how the weather is and how the flooding goes," he said.

Because when Irma hit, businesses along San Marco Blvd and surrounding areas, like many others across the first coast were flooded

“We had almost two feet of water inside the store,” said Haveek.

Haveek said every time a car drives by the storefront the forces pushes water up the curb and potentially into the store.

Haveek either would like to see intersections prone to flooding closed off during heavy rains or for drivers they are doing more than just putting themselves in harm's way when choosing to cross flooded roadways.