ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - It's been almost a year since Hurricane Matthew swept past the First Coast, and though there wasn't a direct hit, the area saw some damage, especially in St. Johns County.

Several residents in the area said they learned a lot since last October.

"Prepare, prepare, prepare," said Susan Sturm, a St. Augustine resident.

"Evacuate when they tell you to," said Patrick Crofoot, another resident.

In St. Augustine, Hurricane Matthew left neighborhoods flooded. Many homes in the area were damaged and some completely lost.

"A lot of people... they're still fixing houses over there," Crofoot said.

Though there are still signs that Matthew was there, folks in a Davis Shores neighborhood have turned the page and are sharing what they learned with others.

"If you have anything you really want, get it off the ground or take it with you," Crofoot said.

"Heed the early warnings," Sturm said.

"From talking to the people that stayed, who wished they had left, yeah, I'm glad I left and I'll do it again," said Edward Richards, a resident.

These residents also admit that they wish they did things different, especially when it came to prepping their home.

"I would have got my generator another foot or two off the ground," Crofoot said.

Sturm also said not to wait until the last minute if one wants to evacuate because "they can come right at us and you just never know."