A home sitting vertically after Irma ripped away the land beneath it; trees uprooted and lying prone along roadways; roofs wrenched off buildings and thrown aside; a person is dead.

Hurricane Irma rushed through the First Coast overnight but continued to slam the area throughout Monday morning. High tides caused widespread flooding in low lying areas around the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville and powerful surges and winds left devastation in its wake in St. Johns County.

Emergency crews report trees down 'everywhere' on Amelia Island in Nassau County.

Around 1 p.m., crews in St. Johns County said the damage they suffered surpassed that of Hurricane Matthew a year ago.

Urban search and rescue teams with fire rescue in SJC found numerous homes in the county battered and damaged by high winds and flood waters, including a home along S. Ponte Vedra Boulevard with the ground nearly ripped away from beneath it.

LIVE COVERAGE | Irma's flood waters still expected to rise around the St. Johns River

Waters have turned smaller roads into what look like rivers. Trees created barriers along roads blocking all vehicle traffic until it is cleared away.

A person is dead.

UPDATED | Irma claims first life on the First Coast

An elderly couple tried to protect themselves from the storm and one suffered a heart attack, officials said Monday afternoon.

The couple, staying in Palm Valley, hunkered down. Authorities link the death to the stress caused from the storm.