JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A team from Emergency Preparedness rolled up to the Towers of Jacksonville with cases of water and boxes of food Thursday.

"Most of them (residents) are elderly," said Chief Steven Woodard who helped with the distribution.

They made the distribution floor by floor.

"We are going to be delivering food and water up to them, because they can't come down to get it," Woodard said.

Chief Woodard heads the EOC and said what they were doing is out of the abundance of caution.

"This is one we want to make sure we take care of the people," he said.

Vera Dupuis is a 26-year resident and said this is a first.

"It has never been like this before," she said.

She watched her Toyota float away as the water kept pouring into her first floor apartment.

"Everything was lost," she said, "the water was up to my knees."

More than 80 residents found themselves stuck in the high rise apartment complex during the storm.

"It was a mandated evacuation, everybody decided to stay," said resident Mike Robinson, "We took it upon ourselves to stay."

Robinson watched from his eighth floor apartment.

"Waves were coming in over the cross rails," he said, " you had two feet trying to knock the back door down."

The elevator shaft is full of water and was disabled. It has since been pumped, but not cleared for use.

"The elevators still are not working." Woodard said.

Dupuis has been moved to a new apartment on the second floor and for now it appears that everyone is safe.

Even so, the EOC continues to make its rounds.

"Everyone is okay," Woodard said," but we will also be checking on them as we go through."