There are fish in some flood waters. There are also chemicals, contaminants, sewage, debris and who knows what else in flood waters.

JEA has taken to Twitter to ask people stay out of flood waters for fear of what could be inside. We understand you may need to enter for some reason or another, but at the least please don't let children play in flood waters.

The CDC says flood waters carry infectious diseases and can cause injury (who knows what's under that brown murky water).

Eating or drinking water can, unfortunately, cause diarrheal disease. To protect you and yours, here are some helpful tips:

1. Practice good hygiene (handwashing) after going into flood waters
2. Don't let your kids play in flood waters
3. Wash children's hands frequently
4. Don't let kids play with toys rescued from the flood water

This advice includes your pets! We say a Golden Retriever in the waters Monday morning and our hearts broke.

Also, make sure to stay out of flood waters if you have open wounds especially. If you HAVE to go into waters with an open wound, please cover it with a waterproof bandage. If you can't do that, please wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water.

If you start noticing swelling, redness or drainage, seek medical help IMMEDIATELY.

You might also get trench foot. We're just going to link you to the CDC's info on that one.

Downed power lines may be in the water, as well.

With water going in and going out, the current may take even experienced swimmers; flood waters pose serious drowning risks.

And if you're thinking of driving through flood waters? Please don't. That one comes from JSO and the Florida Highway Patrol.

If you see standing water on a roadway - remember: turn around, don't drown!