At Oak Street and Copeland in Riverside near the St. Johns River, rescue crews are in the water going door to door making sure no one needs help.

The crews began working this morning after the worst of the storm struck and have been working through steadily rising water most of the afternoon so far.

An Army National Guard truck sits nearby as crews that are also tied to the Coast Guard head up and down roadways; the crews will check on a home and see if anyone needs help, if they do, they'll take the person to the Army truck and then to dry land so they may be taken to a shelter.

Urban rescue crews are worried about the swell from the river - and the flooding that went along with it. People may want to get out, but since water's completely covering the roads in Riverside and Avondale, they may not be able to.

The people First Coast News has spoken to so far have been in, for the most part, good spirits. One woman told Ken Amaro that she was concerned about reports of high tide and wanted to leave.

More crews are expected to come in - one official said about 20 more National Guard trucks with crews will head in. The trucks are specially designed to withstand high water, which is good, since the surge is up to four feet in some places