If you're in Glynn County: shelter-in-place. If you're out of Glynn County: don't come back - yet.

That's the message released by Glynn County, local, and state officials Monday afternoon as Tropical Storm Irma continues lashing the coastal Georgia county.

Officials are working on a plan for a quick and efficient re-entry process, but at this time they're not sure when that'll be.

Police will not allow re-entry into the county if you've left; this message has come directly from the Glynn County Board of Commissioners.

Widespread power outages, limited water and sewer capabilities, fallen trees, downed power lines, and flooded neighborhoods have created a life-threatening situation for many in the county.

Law enforcement will be placed at strategic re-entry points. Please don't try and come back until they make the announcement it is safe.

Schools are canceled through the week in Glynn County.

City officers are closed through Wednesday.