JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Residents in one Jacksonville senior community are concerned it's going to be too late for them to evacuate before Hurricane Irma.

Many are in wheelchairs or use walkers and say they need extra time to make it to a shelter, but they don't know where to go.

The City of Jacksonville says they plan to make an announcement soon about shelters. According to the Mayor, the list of those shelters are scheduled to be released Friday. The mayor says that should be enough time for people to seek shelter safely.

Some seniors at Madison Manor Community are asking for an earlier list so they can make necessary arrangements. Lily James, 80. says she’s in the same boat as at least 30 residents planning to evacuate ahead of the storm.

“We have a lot of disabled people here, I wheel chairs in walkers,” James said.

The property manager Karen Wilkerson says she is helping her residents make arrangements but she has nowhere to send them yet.

“It's a very unsure time, especially if you’re a senior,” Wilkerson said.

James is calling on the city to release the list of shelters sooner rather than later.

“We need to know where our shelters are, how far they are from us…how can we get to them,” James said.

According to Mayor Curry at least 12 shelters will be available Friday.