KINGSLAND, Ga. - A Kingsland, Georgia couple has been displaced because of toxic raw sewage that flooded their house during Hurricane Irma.

The home was so contaminated that it wasn’t even safe for our First Coast News cameras to go inside. The family is desperate for help.

“The whole house was covered in feces and sewage from one end to the other,” said owner Rene Kinsey. She and her husband Boo Kinsey said it was devastating watching their home flood with raw sewage.

“Everything is gone, we have nothing left,” Boo Kinsey said. He said they both have health issues and need a place to live; Their house is not safe.

“We live sleeping on our back porch, we’re living out of bags, our truck and we’re spending what little money we have just to get deodorant and something to brush our teeth with,” Rene Kinsey said.

Although they have homeowner’s insurance, it will not cover the sewage issues.

“The insurance said that sits not covered, that the city of Kingsland is responsible for this,” Boo Kinsey said.

We spoke with Mayor of Kingsland, Kenneth Smith, and the City Manager, Lee Spell, and they the entire city had issues after the storm.

“This was a natural disaster we had several neighborhoods all over the city that were completely underwater,” Spell said.

Boo Kinsey said he’s had sewage come up in his house before just not to this extent and he said the city is to blame.

“Not maintaining the system the way it should have been maintained all along," he said.

Smith said he was not aware of any issues and the City is investigating the spill.

“If the gentleman would like, I’d personally like to sit down and talk with him,” Smith said.

Boo Kinsey said the Mayor is welcome in his home anytime.

The City also said it reported the spill to the Environmental Protection Division and it is following their guidance. As for the family, they have filed with FEMA and are waiting for someone to come assess their house.