Many restaurants closed their doors while the storm moved through and remained closed for several days. However, one food truck fed more than 100 people on Monday, at a time when every little bit helps.

Rachael Andreu and her boyfriend "Moose" own the "Hibiscus Hut Food Truck".

The couple of four years said they set out to help after seeing posts on Facebook about possible price gouging on the First Coast due to Hurricane Irma.

"Everyone is trying to take advantage of everyone," Moose said.

They fired up their new food truck, posted on social media, and within minutes, those impacted by Hurricane Irma lined up for a free meal.

"I found out they were giving it out for free which is really awesome," said Shaina Brutosky of St. Augustine.

Brutosky grabbed a smoothie.

"I got the tropical smoothie it's really good," she smiled. "It made my day."

Brutosky survived a terrifying night, she said. Brutosky chose not to evacuate, riding out the storm at home.

"It was really wild," Brutosky said.

Brutosky's home sustained little damage, but like millions across the state, she doesn't have power.

Andreu and Moose said they fed more than 100 people. They went on for hours until the food ran out. We were there when the last order was filled.

"You have to help each other especially when everyone thinks that no one cares," she said. "So, people need to know that there's people out there that care about them."

Hibiscus Hut Food Truck usually parks on King Street.