The whistle of the wind served as a reminder of what's possibly to come.

The usually bustling downtown St. Augustine was more calm than usual for a Friday night with the threat of Hurricane Irma looming.

St. Johns County officials have issued a mandatory evacuation order for zones A and B. that includes all of St. Augustine and the town of Hastings. Those who live on boats, in mobile homes and RVs are also mandated to by out of town by Saturday night.

"As I understand it everyone who wants to follow the rules will be leaving by 9 a.m. (Saturday)," resident Sarah Kaminski said.

Yet, the Kaminski family, who live in World Golf Village, aren't following the rules. They say they feel safer at home.

"Honestly we didn't want to have to face the traffic of coming back into town. I-95 is been a nightmare the last couple of days going north and we just decided we'd rather be safe," Kaminski said.

The family of five, including a set of triplets, say they are prepared to go without power or running water, if necessary.

“We have batteries and flashlights and all that," she said. "Honestly, we're kind of OK with it. My best friend lived in Haiti for three years and we spent a lot of time there and have lived a lot without power. We would honestly just rather be home even if we don’t have power, than to be out and about.”

For others planning to hunker down, a county-wide curfew beginning Sunday at 8 p.m. will be enforced.


Shelters are scheduled to open at 6 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 9.:

• Pacetti Bay Middle School: 245 Meadowlark Lane (special needs)
• Timberlin Creek Elementary School: 555 Pine Tree Lane (pet-friendly)
• Pedro Menendez High School: 600 SR 206 West (general population)