The City of Jacksonville has released a list of shelters, including special needs shelters, ahead of Hurricane Irma. They are scheduled to open Friday, Sept. 8 at 10 a.m.


  • Landmark Middle School: 101 Kernan Blvd. N (pets allowed)
  • Twin Lakes Elementary: 8000 Point Meadows Dr.
  • Chimney Lakes Elementary: 9353 Staples Mill Dr. (pets allowed)
  • Mandarin Middle School: 5100 Hood Rd. (pets allowed)
  • Oceanway Elementary: 1255 Gillespie Ave.
  • Abess Park Elementary: 12731 Abess Blvd.
  • Legends Center: 5130 Soutel Dr. (pets allowed) - At Capacity
  • Andrew Robinson: 101 W. 12th St.
  • Arlington Middle School: 8141 Lone Star Rd.
  • City Rescue Mission's New Life Inn: 1234 W. State St. (opens at 12 p.m. Friday)


  • Legends Center: 5130 Soutel Dr. (pets allowed)
  • Atlantic Coast High School: 9735 R.G. Skinner Parkway (pets allowed)
  • Oceanway Middle: 143 Oceanway Ave.
  • Enterprise Elementary: 8085 Old Middleburg Rd.

For a list of shelters available throughout the First Coast, click here. For mandatory evacuation zones, click here.