What's the opposite of serendipity? Whatever it is, Comcast (and their customers) are suffering from it.

After Hurricane Irma knocked out service to many in the First Coast and beyond Sunday night into Monday, a fiber was cut near a rail line north of Jacksonville that put the ice on many people's service.

The outage was reported all over the state - frustrating many who had started to try and return to normal after the terrible natural disaster that was Irma rolled through the Sunshine State.

As of 8:30 p.m., customers affected by the fiber outage should see their services restored. Resetting your devices would be a good idea - you can do that from the MyAccount app or head to the Comcast website at this link.

For those still without since Irma hit - there are a few things you can do. Staying patient is the main thing. There are people out in debris and dangerous conditions, away from their homes and families, working tirelessly to restore service.

You can also Tweet at ComcastCares for specific help - they'll tell you what you need to do.