MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Hurricane Irma closed many First Coast schools for over a week, leaving families who rely on schools to provide children with breakfast and lunch in a bind. But in Clay County, the community came together Friday to make sure those children don’t go hungry before school starts up again Monday.

Lutheran Social Services partnered with four Clay County schools to provide meals for the weekend to students who receive free or reduced lunch. The schools are Wilkinson Junior High, Wilkinson Elementary, Clay Hill Elementary and Middleburg Elementary.

“Our families are doing the best they can to provide everything they can for our kids, but they struggle, they’re living paycheck to paycheck,” Wilkinson Junior High School Principal Christina Cornwell said. “And so when you have something like this come through when what they need isn’t even ... they don’t have that. That’s hard to fathom.”

With school set to resume Monday, Heather Vaughan with Lutheran Social Services said it’s critical for students to have access to this food.

“With all the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, when they come back to on Monday, the stress of all the storm, the stress their families are under, we can make sure they’re ready to learn,” she said.

Cornwell said there will be additional emotional support for students Monday, as well.