Owners of a popular Jacksonville restaurant are trying to clean up and reopen the business following Hurricane Irma.

Clark’s Fish Camp flooded during the storm and has been closed ever since. The restaurant is prone to flooding; it was closed for weeks due to flooding back in 2015.

Co-owner John Roush took First Coast News inside the restaurant Monday.

“This is the absolute highest part of our restaurant,” Roush said of the freezer, noting that water rose high enough to get inside.

Roush pointed out a water line on windows in the dining area, saying the water rose 41 inches to 42 inches off the floor.

“Standing here with FEMA yesterday the waterline measured just about up to my chest in here,” Roush said inside the kitchen area.

Clark’s Fish Camp may be best-known for its extensive taxidermy collection. Prior to the storm, staff moved many pieces to higher ground.

“Brought the tigers, you can see our alligator, the zebras, the giraffe and all the tables and put them in the highest part possible,” Roush said.

While they plan to open as soon as the tide recedes, Roush said Hurricane Maria may delay the reopening.

“I hope it goes to the right, I’m praying it goes to the right, but I’m preparing that it might come here,” he said. “Let’s just hope for some dry weather and better times.”