JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's not just those on land preparing, but those on the water getting ready for Hurricane Irma.

Some First Coast boaters were looking on the bright side Thursday night, grateful that unlike with Hurricane Matthew, they said, they had several days to prepare ahead of the storm.

Although it's still up exactly how Hurricane Irma will impact Northeast Florida, it doesn't take a direct hit for powerful storms like this one to sink boats.

We caught up with Dock master of Doctor's Lake Marina, Bill Hershberger, as he helped secure boats, large and small.

The larger boats stay on the water, "Just tie them up as good as you can, and hope for the best," Hershberger said.

The smaller boats should come out of the water and moved to a more elevated location.

Hershberger said some people were getting nervous ahead of the heavy wind and rain expected with Hurricane Irma, but said he had little time to worry mas he was busy finding extra space at the marina.

"They're moving the boats from South Florida up here," Herberger said

Hoping the boats fare a better chance of escaping damage, Hersherberger said there are a few steps to take, "Double, triple your lines and remove all their canvass because that wind will rip the canvass apart."

However, the most important step to take, according to Hershberger, "Make sure their insurance is paid up."