JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Once Northeast Florida is under a under a tropical storm or hurricane watch insurance companies will not write new policies or provide additional coverage.

Do you know your policy? Now is the time to check what's on the Declaration Page.

If your homeowner's insurance has a mixture of policies – home, wind and flood – you're fully covered.
The wind rider will cover blown off shingles, downed trees, broken windows and rain damage from a hole in the roof.

The flood policy will cover rising water such as a storm surge, pooling of water from heavy rain, water from a creek.
Even if the ground gets saturated and water seeps into your home that is considered rising water and has to be covered by a flood policy.

Now that you know your policy, do you know your deductible? In Florida it could be 2-to-10 percent of your home's insured value.

For example, if your home is insured for $350,000 with a 2 percent hurricane deductible, this would make you responsible for the first $7,000 of repairs.

What if you decide to evacuate and leave everything behind?

You are still covered. Your expenses for evacuating are not covered by your insurance. Nevertheless, hold on to your receipts, just in case the agent finds a way to include some of the items in your claim.

Once the storm passes document any damage, use your cellphone, and take steps to prevent further damage to your home. If you don't your insurance company may use that as a reason to refuse to pay for the added costs.

I've told you about your home, what about your vehicle?

Hurricane damage would be covered by your car insurance's comprehensive coverage. The key word is comprehensive. If you have just the basics, the repairs are your responsibility.