JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hurricane Gert is a thing of the past for the First Coast, but there are a few developments in the Atlantic that we’re monitoring over the next few days.

The swells at the beaches from Gert will die off in the next day or so, with no immediate impacts on the Jacksonville area. The storm has made its recurve and is head back out to sea.

Meanwhile, several pockets of energy thousands of miles out in the Atlantic are trekking west. FCN meteorologists are tracking three disturbances in that area, but this doesn’t necessarily mean yet that we can expect hurricanes.

At this time, the disturbances simply show that there is a lot of energy and activity out there in the tropics.

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting a 40 percent chance of two storms developing by late week.

FCN meteorologists will have a better idea of the strength, movement and direction of these disturbances as they move closer to land.

The next three names for storms are Harvey, Irma and Jose, according to the 2017 Atlantic Basin Storm Names list.