JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - If it rains here in Duval, there are a half-dozen places where flooding typically gets bad.

Confederate Park downtown is one of them.

This is Notasha Morrison's first time there with her two dogs: Token and Peanut.

"I figured that we would try out this dog park," Morrison said.

But one problem: It's messy. Messy because of all the rain that flooded the streets and park near North Market and Orange Street Wednesday evening, and has now made the park very muddy.

Confederate Park is just one of the flood prone areas here in Jacksonville. Areas that traditionally flood include Stockton Street and McCoy Creek Boulevard on the Westside, as well as portions of San Marco and Riverside along the St. Johns River.

First Coast News reached out to the city, asking what they are doing to prevent flooding at those problem spots in the future.

It had this response in regard to Confederate Park: "The City of Jacksonville Public Works continues to evaluate opportunities to improve the drainage situation in this area as the Hogan's Creek and other property remediation efforts move forward."

In San Marco, the city said the two pump stations in the area functioned properly Wednesday, but added that there is interest in adding a third pump station to help reduce flooding. Mayor Curry has plans for a third pump station, as part of the next budget.

A city spokesperson said she wasn't able to answer questions in regard to the other problem flooding areas of town.

Until the flooding issues get resolved here at Confederate Park, Morrison said she would probably stick to dog parks closer to her home near the beaches.

"I probably would go somewhere else, not to be rude, just depending on the day and the distance, but if I could go elsewhere I would," she said.