JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A major change heading downtown has created confusion for drivers.

Last Saturday, the exit for downtown from I-95 north shifted about a mile-and-a-half south. The confusion could become a nightmare for unfamiliar drivers heading into the Florida-Georgia game this weekend.

The rush hour trip up I-95 north is already rough as it is. Now, a new, more sudden exit, with only one lane, has further complicated daily commutes for drivers like Tracee Perrotti.

"There's no real signs that it's going to veer off into one lane and go to the right," Perrotti said.

With the Florida-Georgia game on Saturday, that already jam packed commute could get even messier.

"It's going to be mass confusion," Perrotti said.

For those heading north on I-95 to the game, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is advising people get in the right lane as soon as they cross the Emerson exit. In addition to moving right sooner, JSO is advising people to arrive at the sports complex five hours early.

The new exit is part of the I-95 Overland Bridge Project. Ron Tittle with FDOT said the project is working in phases and around traffic flow.

While there's only one lane for the downtown exit now, Tittle said there will eventually be two, once FDOT work is complete in that second lane. FDOT still cannot say when both lanes of the new exit will be open because there are too many factors, like weather.

"We've got a lot of adjustments going on in there so please bear with us, be patient with us, as we drive through these projects," Tittle said.

Perrotti is hoping that additional lane comes sooner rather than later.

"I'm hoping the construction will end and they'll finally open up and make sense where everybody's not merging in getting confused," Perrotti said.