JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- One person sustained life-threatening injuries after crashing into a fence near the corner of Bartram Park Boulevard and Spring Rain Road.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office responded to the call around 9 a.m. Sunday outside the Verano complex. They say the driver was heading northbound on Bartram Park Blvd. when the Jeep lost control.

Witnesses say it was a teenage boy behind the wheel, and that the car was not swerving before it left the roadway. They say he was breathing, but unconscious when they rushed to his aid.

Resident Ben Marchio helped the victim before first responders arrived. He said the crash could have been a lot worse.

"He took out a fire hydrant, ran over one or two signs, and went through the fence. I think he's lucky he hit the tree because otherwise, he'd be in the pond. Then it would've been a couple of us swimming in there to get the car or try to pull him out or something," said Marchio.

The driver was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.