JACKSONVILLE, FL-  As the Overland Bridge project is expected to finish up this year, there is another big project in downtown that is just about to begin.  This time it is on the other side of the river.

It involves the I-10 & I-95 interchange and the Fuller Warren Bridge.  FDOT says they will be reconfiguring some of the ramps, adding noise walls and the Fuller Warren Bridge will be widened on the SB side to add a shared use lane for bikes and pedestrians.  Preparations to begin will start in the next couple of weeks.
"The construction is a temporary inconvenience to a long term gain," says Odette Struys with FDOT.
She adds it is too early to say when drivers will start seeing lane closures for this. It is expected to be done by summer of 2020.  FDOT says the interchange there is way over capacity and they have to do something as traffic continues to grow.
If you're worried about the Riverside Arts Market that is under the Fuller Warren bridge, FDOT has a plan for that.
It says they will pave the area beneath 95 across Riverside Avenue to help offset any temporary impacts while they are working.
 As the project gets underway we will keep you updated on any lane closures and updates on the project.
For more on the project visit here: http://www.nflroads.com/10and95/Pages/Home.aspx