JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Almost one year after a Sandalwood student was struck and killed by a car, the City of Jacksonville said they have plans to install crosswalks.

It was October of 2016, that 15-year-old Lizzy Ross was killed while walking to Sandalwood High School along Alden Road.

As a school bus driver, Cynthia Weiss said every day she has to pass the place where her granddaughter was struck and killed while crossing the street. Ross would have graduated this year.

"She had her plans and unfortunately they were taken away," Weiss said.

While Ross lost her life, Weiss hopes that her death can prevent future ones.

"I was very angry and I just felt like I had to do something to make things better for the kids to cross over," she said.

Weiss said she started a petition, reached out to First Coast News, e-mailed the Mayor, Governor and President Trump, only to hear back from Mayor Lenny Curry a month ago. She asked Curry for crosswalks.

On Monday, she finally heard back from the Jacksonville city traffic engineer who told her the city is planning two crosswalks: one west of Whispering Woods Boulevard and one east of Sam Hardwick Boulevard.

The crosswalks will have pavement marking and signs, according to a city email.

It was very dark when Ross' was struck and killed, so her grandmother is also asking for lights by the crosswalks. She asked the city to lower the speed limit.

The city instead said they would meet with JSO to discuss speed enforcement along Alden.