JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Paul Posluszny has played in the NFL for 10 seasons but he has never lined up at strong-side linebacker.

The lack of experience didn't seem to bother the Jaguars' reshaped regime, as they decided to move Poslusnzy to the new spot anyway.

Ever the professional, Posluszny has accepted the challenge. The former middle linebacker will see a change in responsibility and a decrease in playing time.

He is going through some understandable growing pains.

"I’m not reading and reacting as fast as I need to be," Posluszny said. "That needs to continually get better and better.”


The biggest change for the former Pro Bowl player is his placement on the field. He is learning to use new techniques and adapting to a completely new approach.

It's a situation where he has re-think how he attacks opposing offenses.

"My eyes," Posluszny said about the most difficult part of the transition.

"The perspective that I’m trying to gain information from. Playing stack linebacker, I’m five yards off the ball, I’m looking right at quarterback, running back, center, guard, that was my field of vision. Now, it’s seeing things from the edge or reading the tight end as my key and gaining all of my information off of that. That’s been the most challenging thing for me.”

The Jaguars will finish organized team activities on Friday and take part in a three-day mandatory minicamp next week. Following those workouts, the Jaguars players are on their own until late July.

Posluszny has plans to continue his work away from EverBank Field. He hopes the added practice will help him find comfort before training camp.

"During the five-week period that we have off, I’ll be able to watch cut-ups of our techniques and what we need to do instead of looking at it from a middle linebacker’s perspective," Posluszny said.

"I just need to watch it over and over and over again from an outside linebacker’s perspective so I just see the small nuances of how guys move and what things look like. It just takes time. It takes repetition to be so quick with it that you can see things and react quickly.”

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