JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Veteran tight end Marcedes Lewis caught one pass for 11 yards in the Jaguars' nightmare loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

His in-game contributions weren't felt in the slightest, but his post-game speech to his teammates caught everyone's attention.

“The speech that he gave after the game was heartfelt and I haven’t heard Marcedes talk much – if at all – and to hear what he said, you could tell it had been on his mind for a while,” cornerback Aaron Colvin said. “You could tell that he meant it with every ounce in him, you have to respect that.”

Lewis is the team's longest-tenured player and has played under the three of the four head coaches in Jaguars history. He has been around since 2006, and the loss to the Raiders was his 150th career game.

It was another opportunity for a win for Lewis, as his career winds downs. However, it was also another let down for the veteran, who has made just one playoff appearance in 11 seasons.

“After the game, I talked to them a little bit," Lewis said.

"We have to hold each other accountable. That’s what it comes down to at the end of the day. If we as a family and team – the guys that I go to work with every day and sweat and bleed with – if we’re scared to say something to each other then we’re never going to take it to the next level.”

This is a young team. When the veterans speak, it is time to listen.

“He’s just one of those guys that’s a lead by example guy,” wide receiver Allen Robinson said.

“When he has to say something, that’s when everybody stops and listens because they know that it’s important. He’s played a ton of ball, he’s seen a lot of different groups of people come through this locker room. So for him – he’s got a lot of experience under his belt – he knows what he’s talking about.”

The Jaguars showed their youth and lack of discipline against the Raiders. Two players - free agent signee Malik Jackson and rookie Jalen Ramsey - were ejected from the game and the team produced a horrid total of 13 penalties for 122 yards.

“Haven’t had a chance to look at the tape, but usually when we come up short, it comes down to execution,” left guard Patrick Omameh said.

“We’ve got to come back, look at the tape. Everybody has to be willing to self-analyze, find out where we can get better and learn from it and turn around quick because we have another one Thursday.”

The Jaguars offense was held to just 16 points against the league's worst defense. Jacksonville didn't score a touchdown until there was around four minutes left in the game. The passing effort from quarterback Blake Bortles was as inconsistent and underwhelming as he has had over the last two years.

Robinson - a Pro Bowl wide receiver - dropped passes and was held to just nine receiving yards on two catches.

“I think that’s where you see all of the frustration,” Robinson said. “I think it’s just frustrating not playing to the level that we’re capable of.”

The Jaguars defense failed to cause any turnovers or produce any sacks. The unit kept the Jaguars in the game for the majority of the contest, but playing from behind eventually caught up to the group.

“I’m not going to necessarily say it’s hard,” Colvin said, regarding playing from behind on defense for an entire game.

“You just have to know what your goal is, know what you’re after when you’re out there and all the extra stuff doesn’t matter. I know – for me personally and the secondary – we focus on what we can control. That’s just locking up receivers and not allowing them to have success in the passing game.”

Lewis summed up the team's overall performance as "embarrassing" and the notion was felt throughout the locker room.

With a quick turnaround heading into Thursday Night Football against the Tennessee Titans, the Jaguars will need to find their groove in a hurry.

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