JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jaguars went all in on new starting cornerback A.J. Bouye in free agency.

Now the fifth-year player is hoping to do his part for his new club.

Bouye has been watching game footage from last season, trying to get a feel for the Jaguars' scheme under defensive coordinator Todd Wash. While the structure of the defense is still shaping up, Bouye has at least some understanding of what he will be asked to do.


The Jaguars frequently switched back and forth between man and zone coverage last season. Prior to taking part in the Blake Bortles Foundation charity golf tournament on Sunday, Bouye said he felt comfortable with what he had seen from his new defense.

"We played a lot of man [coverage in Houston]," Bouye said. "From what I'm seeing, what the corners were running, it was a lot of man [in Jacksonville]. At the end of the day it's just technique, knowing where your help is and everything."

Bouye has also gone out of his way to get to know his new teammates. He reached out to his new tag team partner in the secondary, Jalen Ramsey, and he is optimistic about their future together.

"I just texted him and told him I was ready to go to work with him," Bouye said. "Just excited, just knowing that he has a great future [ahead of him]. That was pretty much it, I haven't really kept in touch with him, just texted him a couple of times."

Bouye said the free agency period didn't harm his focus in preparation for the offseason program. However, he did admit that knowing where he will play next season helped ease some of his anxiety.

"Not really, for the simple fact I think I was always focused" Bouye said. "Like I said, I was just focusing on technique and just leaving everything - just trusting my agent with [free agency] - and I guess from a stress point I'm not really stressing on what team I'm going to be on and I know what directions we're going into. I know what's expected of me as a player, just being the best player I can be, and that starts in the offseason."

Bouye has roughly a month to prepare for his first offseason with the Jaguars. While he will continue to train, he plans to focus on his personal life for the next few weeks as well.

"Just training - my daughter's birthday is coming up - so I'll be flying back and forth, just making sure she enjoys her time with her family and my family," Bouye said. "I'm looking forward to that, but besides that, I'll just be training and [I'll] come back here in early April and get back to work."

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