In the NFL, winning typically comes down to controlling matchups.

The Jaguars will look to control several matchups in their home opener against the Tennessee Titans Sunday at EverBank Field.

Below are five matchups that could play a massive role in the outcome of Sunday's game:

Yannick Ngakoue vs. Taylor Lewan

Ngakoue faces a serious challenge Sunday. Lewan is one of the most athletic left tackles in the league. Ngakoue had two sacks and two forced fumbles against the Texans' backup left tackles last week. He won't be so lucky against Lewan, who has been a key asset for quarterback Marcus Mariota. Lewan can match Ngakoue's athleticism, so the defensive end will probably need to win with technique. If Ngakoue can get the edge as a technician, it will show quite a bit of growth on his end.

Calais Campbell vs. Jack Conklin and Quinton Spain

Campbell produced four sacks in Week 1 and did so by moving around the line. Strong side end and three-technique were his most prominent positions. He will face Conklin (right tackle) and Spain (left guard) quite frequently on Sunday. The Titans' offensive line is one of the team's strengths. Campbell will need to use his 6-foot-8, 300-pound frame to overpower the blockers.

Jalen Ramsey/A.J. Bouye vs. Corey Davis

Ramsey and Bouye - for the most part - shut down Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins last week and that was part of the reason for the team's pass rushing success. This week, the duo is likely to face off against first-round pick Corey Davis. The rookie receiver has drawn comparisons to Terrell Owens due to his size-speed combination. Davis and Ramsey -- if he plays -- will make for an interesting one-on-one matchup. Both are size-speed freaks and only one of them can win.


Marqise Lee vs. Adoree' Jackson/LeShaun Sims

Lee has moved into the Jaguars' prime receiver role. He will use his speed and yards-after-the-catch ability to move the ball against the Titans. He was shut out of the victory in Week 1, so he will be looking to put up some numbers against Tennessee. He will most likely match up against Jackson - a rookie - and Sims, who can duplicate his speed at cornerback. Lee will need to get open quickly, so quarterback Blake Bortles can get the ball out of his hand before the pass rush closes in. Perhaps he can use some veteran savvy on the rookie this weekend.

Brandon Linder vs. Sylvester Williams

Linder has been dealing with a knee injury this week. That won't help him against Williams, who is a big bodied nose tackle that moves the line. Williams' physicality will be a huge test for Linder, who had his struggles in the preseason. Williams will be the key to stopping running back Leonard Fournette, so Linder's handling of the nose tackle will be huge. If Linder can match Williams power with a solid anchor and technique, the Jaguars should be able to run early and often.

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