An NFL game is a 60-minute fight and on Sunday against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, the Jaguars were the "Comeback Cats",

A 17-point fourth quarter was enough for the Jaguars to win the game after being shutout in the previous three periods. If the win felt a bit like a loss, that's understandable. If you were speechless with excitement as the clock ticked down to 0:00, you're probably among the majority of the Jaguars fan base.

There was a lot to take away from this game - and while the 17-16 win is a big positive - it's hard not to sound like a wet blanket (Disclaimer: blankets can't talk) when discussing the majority of the matchup.

1. The fourth quarter showed the Jaguars are still very invested in winning this division. There is a lot of fight still left in this team. Even with fans calling for Gus Bradley's job, the players have shown a trust and appreciation for their boss.

The majority of the team knows nothing but losing. They want to improve and they believe they can turn things around. That's important.

2. While it's nice that the players are still wanting to win, the reality is that they had to comeback after being dominated by a 1-5 team for three quarters. The Bears moved the ball well and stomped on the Jaguars offense for the majority of the game, despite being mediocre at best. The Jaguars were the better team coming into this game and they had to will themselves to victory in the fourth quarter.

The Jaguars continue to create self-inflicted messes and they won't be able to clean them up against good teams.

3. Arrelious Benn's touchdown was miraculous. This time, the Jaguars weren't the ones making the mistakes. Benn - a veteran NFL wide receiver - knew he wasn't touched after falling down on a catch for a first down. He used his understanding of the situation to score a 51-yard touchdown. Benn took advantage of the Bears' lack of awareness and the Jaguars benefited. It was a nice change of pace for Jacksonville.

Benn told me several times during the preseason that he just needed to stay healthy "and everything else will take of itself." On Sunday, Benn's team took a beating for three quarters and he was able to work something out to get them the win.

4. Blake Bortles has two speeds: sloppy and super. Bortles makes some terrible decisions at times and can cause a lot of self-inflicted wounds, but he can also be sensational. Bortles was sloppy for most of the game - including his fourth quarter fumble - but he also showed his super skills in flashes. The Jaguars' first scoring drive was well-managed by Bortles, as he took advantage of what he was given and moved his team downfield.

Bortles wasn't at fault for his early interception - Allen Robinson has to make that catch - but it seemed like the quarterback was stunted by the turnover. Bortles sometimes gets into a funk and the Bears did a great job of sending pressure while he was down and out. Still, he picked himself up in the fourth quarter and somehow guided his team to victory.

5. The Bears extended drives with ease early on. Chicago's first three scoring drives lasted 11, 16 and 11 plays. The Bears were able to move the ball on short passes and runs. Bears quarterback Brian Hoyer didn't need to press much. He threw a lot of balls that were caught and yards were tacked on after the catch. The Jaguars had trouble stopping the short plays, which would then turn into larger ones.

Jacksonville's defense made some adjustments and Alshon Jeffery was mostly a non-factor after halftime. Still, guys like Ka'Deem Carey and Cameron Meredith were able to supplement short-yardage attempts with big plays.

6. The Jaguars running backs didn't keep the momentum acquired in the London game. T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory averaged a combined 3.1 yards on 17 carries against the Bears. Yeldon couldn't find any holes and Ivory basically flowed with the play of his offensive teammates. When the Jaguars offense was moving the ball, Ivory showed flash. When the offense failed to get anything going, Ivory did little to fix the problem.

This team is built to run the ball and it just seemed like the running backs couldn't find the right holes or get out in space. It's a long season and they can turn it around, but it was a large reason why the Jaguars struggled against the Bears throughout the game.

7. Marqise Lee deserves praise. Lee was one of the few consistent offensive players against the Bears and kept drives going by catching passes and drawing penalties. He caught a team-high six receptions for 61 receiving yards, but that's underselling his impact. He drew two penalties on Sunday and was open regularly.

Don't hold your breath, but it seems Lee has finally started to show that there is a good wide receiver duo trio in Jacksonville.

8. Yannick Ngakoue is a legit pass rusher. He is the first Jaguars rookie to produce four sacks in his first five games and he has been among the most consistent players on defense this season. His run-stopping ability has been a pleasant surprise and his work in the early going should bookmark him as a featured pass rusher moving forward.

9. Jalen Ramsey did what he needed to do against Jeffery. The veteran wide receiver beat the rookie cornerback a few times in the early going, but Ramsey shut him down for the majority of the second half. Ramsey's physicality was perfect for this matchup and was highlighted in his game-sealing pass breakup in the final seconds. There have been a lot of whispers about Ramsey's long-term status as a cornerback but if he can continue to use his physical nature and size like he did against Jeffery, he will be among the most unique players at the cornerback position for the next decade.

10. The Jaguars are 2-3 and have finally beat an NFC opponent on the road. The Tennessee Titans (3-3) won in Week 6 and the Houston Texans (4-2) beat the Indianapolis Colts (2-4) in overtime on Sunday Night Football, so the division is still very wide open.

If the Jaguars can beat the Oakland Raiders next week at home, Jacksonville will be 3-3 entering a very, very important five-game stretch, which will include two division matchups and four road games.

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