Just one week after picking up 58 yards on a fake punt run, Jaguars running back Corey Grant was forced to chase down an opposing player succeeding with some special teams trickery of his own.

With 22 seconds left in the second quarter, Jets punter Luc Edwards faked a punt and threw to cornerback Marcus Williams, who was acting as a gunner on the punt coverage team. Edwards saw that Williams was uncovered prior to the punt and he was able to make a wide open throw to the defensive back.

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Williams ran forward for 31 yards. He only needed 21 yards for the first down.

Grant - using his trademark speed - was able to catch up to the cornerback and push him out of bounds at the Jacksonville 22-yard line.

"I was actually rushing on the opposite side and as I'm rushing, you usually hear the ball leave the punter's foot, but I didn't hear anything and heard the crowd scream," Grant said. "I looked up and I saw a ball and I was like 'dang,' so I just turned and ran and finally forced him out of bounds."

The Jaguars were preparing to rush the punter in order to either block the attempt or impact the kick. Jacksonville had eight players prepared to rush the Jets' protection unit with fullback Tommy Bohanon watching for any potential trick plays.

Bohanon was several yards away from Williams at an awkward angle. Williams was able to evade Bohanon due to a clear advantage in speed and field positioning.

Also, Bohanon isn't typically asked to block a gunner in punt protection.

"No not necessarily, but that's how we had it game planned up this week," Bohanon said. "Like I said, I was the one who was checking the fake, so I just got to get out there faster."

Polling the locker room, players were divided on whether or not a gunner - like Williams - is typically uncovered. All teams call heavy rushes on opposing punters, but schemes can differ depending on philosophies.

Some players attributed the confusion to a miscommunication.

"Yeah, it's pretty rare [to a have gunner that wide open]," wide receiver Arrelious Benn said. "I think it's just a miscommunication. We've just got to better position ourselves, the guys that were out there on that unit at that time. I think it was just miscommunication."

It was a learning experience for the group. Luckily for the Jaguars, the blunder didn't lead to points for the Jets. Following the special teams play, the Jets settled for a field goal from kicker Chandler Catanzaro.

The Jets' kicker ended up missing the 45-yard field goal attempt before halftime. The game was tied 10-10 at that point.

The Jaguars would still end up losing to the Jets in overtime, 23-20.

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