Hundreds of local children, ages 9-13, were treated to a free football camp featuring Jaguars players at Englewood High School Monday.

The event, which was hosted by NFL PLAY 60, was based around learning the rules and techniques of the game.

The program was also geared toward promoting exercise and reinforcing the importance of character in sports and in life.


Jaguars defensive tackle Sheldon Day and cornerback A.J. Bouye were in attendance to teach the children more about the game.

"This community supports us in so many ways," Day said. "Just to give back a little bit of time, just to see the kids smile, have fun and run around, it hits my heart in a special place."

Bouye and Day judged races, took part in activities and spoke to the children about their experiences playing football.

"It's very important," Bouye said. "Growing up, I wish I got the opportunity to meet players in the NFL. I know, from my standpoint, I would just listen to everything and I just hope I was helpful with them, just inspiring them so they could just take something out of what I told them. It's very important that they have camps like this."

Day, who is entering his second year in the NFL, was surprised by the energy of the campers. He said he was much more laid back as a child.

"Naw man, I didn't have this much energy," Day said. "I was the one that was just kind of laying around, watching people run around. These kids have way too much energy."

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