The Jaguars' National Anthem demonstration in London has been a polarizing topic of discussion on the First Coast and across the country.

Some of the Jaguars' players locked arms and stood during the anthem. A select few chose to kneel while linking arms with teammates.

Both sides of the argument have gone back-and-forth on social media following President Trump's comments on NFL players kneeling during the anthem.

"Everybody has their own individual reasoning for doing what they want to do," tight end Marcedes Lewis said.

"Whether they want to kneel or stand up. My dad is a Purple Heart [recipient] and I grew up in the inner city, so I see it from both sides. I think this going to be an ongoing conversation. You can't make everyone happy, but everybody should be able to do what they want to do and that's it."

Players have seen the response on social media and in the community. Some have had second thoughts, while others have chosen to let the Week 3 gesture speak for itself.

"I just feel like everybody should love each other, there's too much controversy going on," cornerback A.J. Bouye said.

"For our president to try to divide us, even more, makes it even worse. What Jerry Jones and the Cowboys did, I believe that was the right way to go about it and I wish we would have thought of that. Like I said, it's not about race, it doesn't matter how many times we tell you, it's not about the military. If you think it's about the military still, you're blind to what's going on outside of this."

Bouye was among those who took a knee on Sunday. He won't continue to kneel moving forward.

"There should be no reason why I had a teammate text a group chat saying there was a fan outside saying how we're animals," Bouye said. "If that's how you look at us, then what's your real perspective on it? Like said, I've said my piece, I'm done with it. I'm not going to take a knee anymore, I'd rather just pray."

Some Jaguars players may choose to continue to offer up gestures during the anthem. However, there hasn't been a team decision in the locker room as of Wednesday.

"It's tough for me to say, but we'll see," linebacker Telvin Smith said. "Only time will tell."


Five sit out of practice to start Week 4

Some notable Jaguars players are still battling injuries following the 44-7 win over the Baltimore Ravens Sunday.

Nine players were on the Wednesday injury report. Five players failed to participate in practice.

Defensive tackle Malik Jackson (groin), cornerback Jalen Ramsey (ankle), wide receiver Jaelen Strong (hamstring) and linebackers Lerentee McCray (knee) and Donald Payne (hamstring) sat out of the first official practice of Week 4.

McCray and Strong both missed the game against the Ravens and did not travel to London with the team. Ramsey has been in-and-out of practice with the ankle injury for two weeks. The second-year cornerback has yet to miss a game.

Jackson suffered the groin injury in Week 2 against the Tennessee Titans but played against the Ravens. Payne was a new addition to the injury report, likely suffering his hamstring injury during the Week 3 win.

Quarterback Blake Bortles (right wrist) and offensive tackle Cam Robinson (shoulder) practiced as a full participants while center Brandon Linder (knee) and linebacker Myles Jack (ankle) were limited.

Jack was also a new addition to the injury report.

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