This week's Jaguars Mailbag features questions about penalties, roster reinforcements and more.

@GigantorinJax asks: The Jaguars appear to be undisciplined with self-inflicted penalties, time and time again. I thought Doug Marrone was a disciplinarian? Do you see this being an issue that can and will be corrected?

Mike Kaye: I think the penalties are definitely an issue.

Marqise Lee's reaction after he thought he received an unnecessary roughness call was - well - unnecessary. Players need to be cognizant of game situations.

As it turned out, the referees picked up the flag for unnecessary roughness, but since Lee taunted the Chargers, he got stuck with a 15-yard penalty.

The Jaguars were bailed out on a roughing the kicker penalty by rookie linebacker Blair Brown. That would have renewed a drive for the Chargers.

The penalty on Aaron Colvin for taunting during the overtime interception was detrimental. It made the final moments of the game more dramatic than they needed to be.

Overall, the Jaguars have shown an attitude (read: swagger) that typically leads to boneheaded penalties. There were several instances where they weren't flagged for getting physical after the whistle on Sunday. They may not be so lucky next time.

Marrone talked about fixing certain things after the game. The penalties need to be his top priority moving forward. Those penalties are correctable and they need be addressed before the Jaguars go on a playoff run.

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@Datboyjnice asks: Which designated to return player do you expect to have a bigger impact Dede Westbrook or Calvin Pryor?

MK: I think Westbrook will have a larger impact than Pryor, just based on roster dynamics alone.

Westbrook plays a position that works with a rotation. Pryor does not have that luxury.

Westbrook was a fourth-round pick this season and tore up the preseason. Pryor was a waiver claim and he was somewhere else in August.

I believe Westbrook can find a role during the home stretch, especially with injuries to Arrelious Benn and Allen Hurns. We don't know the gravity of those injuries but having reinforcements helps.

Pryor is in a weird spot. The Jaguars' backup safeties have played a total of 45 snaps over nine games. That's five snaps per game. Adding Pryor to the lineup will probably dilute that average as well.

It's hard to see Pryor being heavily involved while the Jaguars probably need Westbrook to contribute.

Dylan Goldman asks: Is the fact that they won a sloppy and close game like this a sign that this team is turning things around and that they are for real?

MK: Good teams learn to win ugly. If you look at teams like the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks, they typically have 2-3 of those wins per season. Good teams overcome flaws or mistakes to win when they need to.

The Jaguars did that on Sunday. The Chargers gave away that game and the Jaguars capitalized.

I think it's a better sign that they can handle adversity than offering up another blowout. This was a game I marked early on as a true test for the Jaguars. They passed, albeit with a dramatic finish.

Michael asks: Safe to say Jaguars run the table from here on out?

MK: I wouldn't bet on that. The Jaguars have played very well but letdown games happen. Seattle will still be tough in Week 14, Arizona will be a rough travel adjustment and division games are always dicey, especially in the AFC South.

The Titans game is a tough one to pick right now.

If the Jaguars produce a 5-2 record moving forward, they'll finish 11-5. Not too shabby considering they won 11 games in the previous three years combined.

@ill_Bill_904 asks: High in the 30s for Cleveland game - the cold have any impact on our boys?

MK: I think the cold weather may be uncomfortable for some of the players. However, I don't think it'll matter much during the game.

Guys like Malik Jackson, Yannick Ngakoue, Barry Church, Tashaun Gipson and several more have played in winter games during their college or professional careers. Players are also dealing with a lot of adrenaline during games, so 30 degrees won't be that big of an issue, in theory.

It's all about how the coaching staff prepares them for the temperature.

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