JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Stability has helped Myles Jack find his place in the Jaguars' defense. The strong-side linebacker was constantly shuffled throughout the lineup as a rookie but he now has a set spot as a starter.

The second-year player's newly defined role has led to increased playing time. After just three games, Jack has played 195 snaps on defense. He played just 239 snaps his entire rookie season.

The added playing time has helped with Jack's production, as he has made more plays in fewer games. He has racked up 24 tackles and a sack, which already mimics his rookie numbers.


Jack is a rarity in the league. He is a three-down strong-side linebacker.

Typically, the position is off the field in nickel coverage. However, Jack's speed and coverage ability have made him an asset on those plays.

Jack's constant involvement has helped him find a rhythm on the field.

"Definitely, just being in-tune with the game, being involved in the game," Jack said Thursday. "Last year, I was being subbed in, subbed out, doing special teams, so I couldn't just focus specifically on defense. But now that I'm in there all the snaps, I can focus my energy on that."

Last year's second-round pick wants to continue to produce big plays for the Jaguars. Jack said he would like to have more performances like his 14-tackle output in the season-opener against the Houston Texans.

Firmly entrenched in a role for the first time in his career, Jack has an opportunity to change the way opposing offenses prepare for the Jaguars' defense.

His next opportunity to make a mark will be during Sunday's Week 4 matchup against the New York Jets.

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