Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey failed to mince words Wednesday when talking about his Week 9 scuffle with Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green.

Ramsey was surprised when both players were ejected following the scrum that also involved several of their teammates.

The second-year cornerback was given several different reasons as to why he was kicked out of the game. Referees told Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone that they thought Ramsey had thrown a punch.

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Ramsey said he didn't retaliate because he didn't want to be ejected. The referees forced him out of the game anyway.

Following the ejection, Ramsey was ready to get physical.

"I got kicked out for not doing anything," Ramsey said. "I did what the coaches and everybody told me not to do, not to fight back, basically just let him do whatever he was trying to do. I still got kicked out so I wanted to get my money's worth."

There were rumors that Ramsey took some deeply personal shots at Green. Ramsey said he only talked about Green's work on the football field.

"Yeah I go out, I do my thing, I talk [expletive] but I don't go personal, I don't talk about nobody's wife, nobody's kids, nobody's family, I don't do that," Ramsey said. "That's not true, that's not true at all. I think he even said that it was nothing I said. I didn't say nothing like that. I told him on every play that he was weak, that he was soft and they were straight facts and he just couldn't handle the truth. It was facts. I told him that his time was almost up. Told him that he was easy, which he was, he had one catch for six yards. I was just out there spitting facts to him."

Ramsey is a well-known trash-talker. He runs his mouth every week in practice and in games. That's who he is as a cornerback.

Ramsey said his verbal onslaught on Green was nothing new. He felt like he was playing his regular game.

The cornerback said the smack talk eventually led to Green losing his cool.

"That's the quickest way off Ramsey Island though," Ramsey said. "He had one catch for six yards, I mean, if I was a receiver and I had to lineup across from myself, I would try to figure out the easiest route to get off too. He figured it out."

Ramsey said he appreciates when wide receivers bring their own trash talk to the game. Ramsey said his roughness on opposing wide receivers is a sign of respect. He said it shows he takes them seriously.

He enjoys playing against wide receivers like Houston's DeAndre Hopkins and Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown because they match his intensity and skill level.

Ramsey wasn't as impressed with Green's competitiveness.

"Some people are mentally strong, he wasn't during the game," Ramsey said. "He wasn't mentally strong. I talked to a few of his teammates afterward, a couple of guys I know, they had told me 'Once A.J. started talking back, we knew you had him because he don't ever talk.'"

Ramsey believes he will not be fined following the incident. He isn't concerned about any repercussions.

Ramsey said he will continue to talk and be physical with his opponents. He will also fight back the next time he is attacked.

"The NFL, they've set the tone that if that happens in a game, I feel like I'm going to get kicked out regardless," Ramsey said. "So I'm going to fight and not get suspended the next week."

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