JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Former starting cornerback Davon House played just three snaps on defense in the Jaguars' Week 6 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

You'll notice he is now called "former starting cornerback" because the player believes he was benched following the bye week.

"The situation - it's hard to explain - but I guess it's an 'is what it is' type thing," House said. "[My play] since I got here hasn't been good enough in their eyes. I got benched last year, I got benched again this year."

House started the first four games of this season and 15-of-16 last season, his first with the Jaguars. In his time with Jacksonville, House is coming off a season where he had four interceptions and 23 pass breakups.

However, that was with former defensive coordinator Bob Babich at the helm. Todd Wash is now the man in charge of the defense.

"I know last year we were playing more man - that's what I do - I'm a man corner, that's a little different," House said. "Playing-wise not really [anything different]. I'd say the only things I wish I could change are probably two plays."

Those two plays were in the first two games of the season. He was responsible for the infamous touchdown thrown by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who made the toss off his back foot while being thrown to the ground in Week 1. He also allowed a 40-yard reception to San Diego Chargers wide receiver Travis Benjamin in Week 2. The Chargers were up 21-0 at the time of the big play.

House had three pass interference penalties called against him in Week 4 against the Indianapolis Colts. He said the team sent the league the footage of all three calls and only one was returned as a true penalty.

Still, House - in his own words - was benched.

For what it's worth, Wash doesn't categorize House's demotion as a benching.

"We just felt Prince [Amukamara] was playing well - House did get in the game if you noticed that, he did play - it's a situation where they come in and compete each week when we go to practice and we make a decision each week," Wash said.

"I wouldn't consider him benched, because he did play, but it was a situation where his reps were limited more."

Wash said the move was made due to the improved performance and health of the secondary.

"It was a situation where we got back healthy and Prince was rotating in as a starter and he's been playing well," Wash said.

"It was a situation that we wanted to make that decision at that point and time to get Prince more and more reps. Once again, House is going to continue to play, we're going to need him regardless of the situation. For us to be successful, we need Davon House."

House believes that he had some poor plays but knows he can bounce back. He said there are examples of poor games from good players all the time.

"[Patrick Peterson] gave up 200 yards to Julio [Jones] two years ago," House said. "And he's still the best corner in the game."

House's has his eyes focused on the future. His guaranteed money has run out, so it's very possible he could be somewhere else next season.

"As an athlete, I just continue to get better," House said.

"This isn't my last stop. I know I'm good, just look at my numbers last year. Every player has their [bad] games. For example, there are going to be games where offensive linemen give up sacks, there's going to be games where quarterbacks throw multiple picks, there are going to be games where quarterbacks fumble and receivers drop balls."

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