JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye entered Week 10 hungry for an interception.

The Jaguars had gone three games without a pick. Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers had thrown for 19-straight touchdowns against Jacksonville without being intercepted.

Bouye wanted to get some revenge on Rivers for a play the quarterback made last year when the cornerback was with the Houston Texans. He finally got his opportunity in overtime.

He was covering Chargers wide receiver Travis Benjamin when Rivers unloaded a downfield pass. Bouye and Benjamin both went up for the ball and the cornerback snatched it away.

Bouye then returned the ball to the Chargers' two-yard line. Rivers was the Los Angeles player who made the touchdown-saving tackle.

"I gave up my first touchdown of the year against him [last season in Houston]," Bouye said.

"I had it in my mind that I was going to embarrass [Rivers]. I gave up a catch and I was kind of [expletive] because I knew what the call was and I knew they were going to come back to the play with Benjamin when he dropped it in the end zone and I knew I was going to get it. I'm glad that [defensive coordinator Todd Wash] put me in position to make that play and they trusted me to make that play and we just got the win."

The turnover set up a game-winning field goal for kicker Josh Lambo. The 30-yard attempt staggered through the uprights, clinching the team's sixth win of the season.

Bouye believes turnovers will continue to come after Sunday's effort. The cornerback has encouraged his fellow defensive backs to get the ball rolling in the interception department in the past.

"We were hungry [for turnovers]," Bouye said.

"I was telling Jalen [Ramsey] and I was telling [free safety Tashaun Gipson], the turnovers don't get going until one of [the defensive backs] get it. It's been proven all year. That's not a cocky thing or saying it's on the [defensive backs] or whatever but I was just trying to motivate them for one of us to make a play."

Bouye's third interception of the season was his most important play as a Jacksonville Jaguar.

The revenge play to embarrass Rivers did more than just that. It helped the Jaguars earn their scrappiest win of the season.

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