JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A lot has been thrown at Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack during his rookie year.

He's been asked to play special teams, learn middle and weakside linebacker responsibilities and start at a position he had never learned in London.

It's only Week 6.

The Jaguars' Week 4 win over the Indianapolis Colts may have been the start of something static for Jack. He played well given the circumstances and showed that he is capable of handling the Otto position.

Jack watched the tape of his performance and was able to reflect on it during the bye week.

"I definitely - kind of being new to the position - left some [tackles for loss] out there," Jack said.

"I'm working on that, it's a new position, getting thrown in there, I'm just working on the kinks. I think I can really freak that position out and make it extraordinary."

Jack was known for his coverage ability at UCLA. While his predecessor at Otto - Dan Skuta- has never been known for coverage, Jack said his role will allow him to focus on his strengths.

"There's coverage responsibilities, maybe in due time it'll expand more, but as of right now I'm definitely out in the flats, I'm covering," Jack said. "There will be times when I'll have to play the two receiver, so I'll definitely get to showcase [my coverage ability]."

Defensive coordinator Todd Wash asked Jack to learn the Otto position in less than a week. While the rookie had his lumps, Wash does see potential for Jack at Otto.

“There were some things he could get better at, obviously not playing that position very long he had a couple busts," Wash said.

"He definitely has a big upside as we knew that when we drafted him. We still have Skuta. Skuta is battling some injuries and stuff like that. We feel we have two good players and we will see how this week goes for both of them.”

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