JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley will survive to see another game and so will the rest of his staff, despite falling to 2-5 and suffering an embarrassing loss in prime time.

On his Friday post-game conference call with local media, Bradley said he had no plans to make adjustments to his coaching staff.

Bradley was direct and even stern with his answers, as he discussed the team's futility in the 36-22 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football.

"I think there's never an excuse for not playing with great effort," Bradley said. "We cannot, will not, tolerate lack of discipline - things under our control - and we have a standard that we play to and if you're not meeting that standard, get your butt going."

The team continued to suffer from avoidable penalties brought on by a lack of discipline. Defensive end Dante Fowler and cornerback Jalen Ramsey were both temporarily punished for personal fouls in the first half. Ramsey was pulled for a "play and a half," while Fowler served even more sideline time.

Bradley called the personal fouls selfish, but did acknowledge that "every situation is different" when it comes to punishment.

"After that penalty, [Fowler] was out for the [rest] of the first half," Bradley said. "[Ramsey] came out and I talked to him and when I have conversations with the players and I can see where they're at mentally - and if they are going to make the same mistake and go out there, their mindset is not right - I'm not going to put them in a situation where they're going to hurt the team."

Another apparent issue for the team was tackling, as the team gave up 494 yards of offense, including 183 rushing yards and two touchdowns on the ground to DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry.

The physical effort seemed to lack urgency and the coaching staff showed the team clips of missed tackles in their follow-up meeting on Friday.

“It wasn’t bad, I didn’t say it was very good," Bradley said regarding the tackling against the Titans. "I thought that we tackled better in other games. We were more consistent, so we didn’t have one of our better tackling games.”

Bradley described the meeting as a "good" and "honest." The head coach emphasized that the players need to make smart decisions on both sides of the ball.

With a lack of coaching changes on deck, the team could still adjust from a personnel standpoint. The league's trade deadline is Tuesday afternoon and the team could theoretically add depth or ship off under-delivering talent in the coming days.

Bradley is staying the course, much like his ownership, and will hope to make something happen over the next several weeks. The team has extra time to prepare for its next game - on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 9 - and that could help provide a spark for a season is currently down in the dumps.

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