JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - When you're losing, everything seems to snowball downhill.

It doesn't snow in Jacksonville, but the Jaguars have rarely been on fire this season. The frozen funk has led to emotional outbursts from fans and players at EverBank Field.

The situation seemed to get even worse when players said they were embarrassed by their Week 7 loss to the Oakland Raiders.

The performance was embarrassing. Two players were ejected and the team was responsible for 13 penalties for 122 yards.

Fans took their anger out on the team and the players then returned the favor. Some veteran players even called out their own teammates.

"If a team loses for a while I bet everyone is probably pretty frustrated," Bortles said.

"I was fortunate enough to figure out at a young age that fans don’t like players, they like winning. I think as long as you know that they are going to cheer for you when you are winning and want you to sign autographs and take pictures and when you are losing they are going to boo you. It is the world we live in and it is what fans do. It is irrelevant to anything that goes on in this building. There are guys here that work their tails off to do everything they can in order to be successful on Sunday.”

On Monday, head coach Gus Bradley made it very clear the ejections would not be tolerated. A few minutes later, rookie cornerback Jalen Ramsey said he would have fought again had he received a chance redo the events that got him disqualified against the Raiders.

Bradley addressed Ramsey's comments on Tuesday.

"There is a pride factor on the field with players," Bradley said.

"But it also has be what's best for the team. I think it's a combination of things - obviously we're an aggressive style of defense, we're aggressive in how we play - but there's a fine line. I think you've got to be smart and make decisions based on what's best for your team."

When asked if Ramsey was being disobedient, Bradley reaffirmed that his players know the consequences of their actions

"There's multiple things that happen on the field - in the game - so I think you'll see it across the board where guys stand up," Bradley said.

"But you can't take it up to the limit where you're fighting. You can't fight. So if [Ramsey] fights again, he's disqualified. I think he clearly understands that part."

The Jaguars have 10 more games to prove they know what they are doing. Until they accomplish that feat, fans will continue to boo and criticize the team and the coaching staff.

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