Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles can empathize with Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer's rookie struggles.

Much like Kizer's rough start to his NFL career this season, Bortles has seen the league's lows quite a bit over his four-year career.

Bortles - like Kizer - threw significantly more interceptions than touchdowns as a rookie. Bortles - like Kizer - led a team that was out of playoff contention by October in his first year.

The two will face off this Sunday in Cleveland.

Bortles was asked if he had any advice for Kizer as he goes through a miserable rookie season, much like the veteran did in 2014.

"Try to throw to your team as much as possible," Bortles said. "It's tough, you know I've [thrown a lot of interceptions], I've done it for a couple of years. I think any quarterback will tell you that is the biggest thing."

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Obvious but sage advice from Bortles, who has tossed 58 interceptions over the last four years. That total ranks second most in the league since Bortles was drafted. Only Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers - who the Jaguars faced last week - has more with 59.

Bortles can thank cornerback A.J. Bouye for Rivers' last pick, which came in a 20-17 overtime win for the Jaguars Sunday.

Kizer has thrown 12 interceptions in just eight games. The rookie leads the league in that category.

Bortles has learned from his interceptions and has actually limited his turnovers this season. Prior to Sunday's two-pick performance, Bortles had gone two-straight games without an interception.

He has avoided interceptions in four out of the nine games the team has played this season.

"You watch guys every week that have been playing in the NFL for a long time and still kind of make bad decision and bad throws," Bortles said. "It's something that I think is a constant battle, the great ones are the ones that do it as little as possible and that's why they are so great. I think everybody is trying to eliminate the turnovers and kind of get rid of them.

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