PONTE VEDRA, Fla. - Sometimes one passion can lead to another. 

Golf instructor Rob Strano has shared his passion with many students who may have never realized their own love for the game.

Thirteen years ago, Strano taught himself sign language to introduce the game to the hearing impaired.

He didn't have any family members who were deaf. He wasn't familiar with anyone who struggled with hearing.

But he also didn't know of anyone who was teaching the game of golf to those who were.

Strano didn't just learn sign language. He found a new way of teaching the game he loves.

"The things you'd normally say in a golf clinic, like swing plane, would have deaf children look to the sky and say, what's an airplane got to do with my golf swing," Strano said.

A love of golf isn't always the major takeaway from the lessons, according to Strano. 

Gaining confidence has become the key for his students. That accomplishment is enough for the long-time instructor.

"When I see successful kids, they may go on to be great athletes, only thing is- they just aren't able to hear," Strano said. "By coming, it gives them the courage to try other things, and succeed in life."

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