The woman who was seen being beaten by Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers in dash cam video is now suing the sheriff and several others for damages.

Mayra Martinez is suing Sheriff Mike Williams, the officer who was seen punching her repeatedly as she was handcuffed, Akinyemi Borisade, officer N. Vickery, Officer K. Chastain, J. Anders, and Scores Gentleman's Club.

Borisade was fired from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office after the incident, however, he did not face any felony charges.

Martinez's lawyers stated in the affidavit that she suffers from emotional damages and mental pain and suffering. These emotional ramifications include fear, embarrassment, humiliation, anger, depression, and other emotions that hinder her "enjoyment of living" as a result of these interactions with the police and Score Gentleman's Club.

There is also a suggestion that Martinez may have been given drugs against her will at Scores, which led to her intoxication, which is why police were called to the scene in the first place.

On April 27, 2016, police responded to a call at Scores where Martinez had been drinking and became belligerent, according to the arrest report. However, according to the lawsuit, Martinez was working at Scores when she was given alcohol and possibly drugs she was unaware of.

She was ejected from the building without her personal belongings, according to the lawsuit, when police encountered her.

Video surfaced of former-officer Borisade slamming Martinez's head into the pavement and punching her numerous times. More video shows Martinez in the intake portion of the Duval County Jail being manhandled and pulled by her hair. She was later restrained by male officers who laid on top of her whilst she was naked.

Martinez pleaded guilty to resisting an officer with violence during the April 2016 incident.

Martinez is suing on 17 different counts.

You can view the full lawsuit below.

Mayra Martinez lawsuit by Destiny Johnson on Scribd