JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Gunfire riddled a Southside neighborhood over the weekend. Witnesses say they saw what looked like a black four-door Honda Civic speeding down Sandusky Avenue between 10:30 p.m. and midnight Friday.

Multiple police incident reports were filed after numerous people called 911 after finding their homes and vehicles covered in bullet holes and surrounded by shell casings.

Although neighbors say The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office scoured the neighborhood asking about what happened, several people in the community reached out to First Coast News asking why JSO didn’t alert the public about it sooner.

"That really surprised me," said Hassan Hamid, a concerned resident. "I looked every day at the news and didn’t see anything, it really surprised me, and there was a lot of police out here yesterday."

We asked JSO why the media wasn’t alerted like usual about a shooting incident. JSO says, per their policy, they don’t send an alert when structures are involved, only when there are victims. In this case, no one was hit by gunfire, thankfully. Many witnesses who were outside when it happened said they hid for their safety once they saw a firearm pointed out the window so they couldn't get a good look at the suspects.

Shawn Gorman says she heard the gunfire, but she thought it was fireworks at first. JSO stopped by her house to look at surveillance footage.

"They said they were looking for a black Honda Civic, possibly a four door," Gorman said.

Witnesses say the black sedan allegedly involved has one tail light out.

"They came around the corner at the end of Sandusky, and fired like it was the wild wild west, firing at everything, at cars, people, houses," Gorman said.

JSO says they have no suspect information at this time and that it's an ongoing investigation.